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Mortgage referral disclaimer Webpage titled “High Net Worth clients. Your Private CFO”In the subsection  (Mortgages) Mortgages by referral are provided through Invis.
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Leverage disclaimer In the section Private Banking, 3rd bullet, after the word leverage Borrowing to invest is not suitable for everyone. You should be fully aware of the risks and benefits associated with using borrowed money to invest since losses as well as gains may be magnified.
Financial Planning disclaimer• CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional• Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS)• Professional Financial Planner (PFP)• Strategic Coach Masters Program   Implementing a retirement, estate, and any other form of financial plan may consist of investing in securities (which may include mutual funds), insurance products (such as segregated funds) and other financial instruments. Prospective investors should always obtain a copy of the offering documents in respect of each investment product (such as prospectus, information statement or folder, insurance contract, etc.), and read it carefully, including discussion of any risk factors, fees, expenses, terms, conditions and restrictions. Consult your personal tax and legal advisor before investing.
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