The Directed Wealth Program®* will identify your financial goals and help you achieve—or continue to achieve—specific objectives, such as strategically minimizing your tax bill, preserving wealth, and improving after-tax returns.


The program features a disciplined, seven-step process that lets us create a comprehensive, directed wealth roadmap for our clients. It starts with personal interviews and detailed questionnaires that explore your objectives, risk tolerance, and general attitudes about money. Using this input, we develop a personalized overview that reflects your particular financial and life goals, and we lay out a roadmap that reflects your major milestones, typically for the next eight quarters. You’ll receive documentation that clearly shows the steps that we—and your other trusted advisors—will need to address together over the coming weeks and months. In addition to reviewing your investment performance and asset allocation, this document may cover estate planning, charitable giving, major purchases, tax strategies, business succession, insurance and long-term care provisions, and more.


At Your Private CFO® Family Office and iA Private Wealth, we provide our clients with custom reports that give them the data they want. We also provide a comprehensive “big picture” look at future income and tax requirements. We monitor your plan regularly to ensure it remains consistent with your objectives, performance goals, and other opportunities.


For additional information on the Directed Wealth Program®, contact us.